• Vulvar Care After 40

September 05, 2019

Taking Care of Your Vulva after 40

As women age, we notice some subtle and not so subtle changes in our appearance as well as how our body works. 

We concede that owning a pair of cute bifocals isn’t really so bad after all, and are relieved to hear that that popping noise our knee makes is completely normal.  The same is true for our reproductive health.

Many women may notice changes in their reproductive health around the age of forty, as perimenopause can often start at this time. 

  • Perimenopause is the lead in to full menopause that typically occurs in our 50s. Women can be in perimenopause for up to a decade. 
  • Symptoms can include irregular periods, hot flashes, low libido and vaginal dryness and pain. 
  • These are also the symptoms for menopause as well. 

Perimenopause years and menopause bring changing body chemistry and aging genital tissues. 

  • Low estrogen levels cause the tissue in your vaginal area to lose lubrication and elasticity, which can make intercourse painful.
  • It may also leave you more vulnerable to urinary or vaginal infections.
  • Because the vulva has hair-bearing skin that has sebaceous glands, it’s common for odors, itching and dryness to be amplified at this time.

It’s understandable that these symptoms leave women feeling less than enthusiastic about midlife intimacy and body confidence.  It’s also a topic that is awkward to talk about to girlfriends and even your doctor. 

 My V-Line Health’s Vibrance Intimate Skincare System can help get mature women’s mojo back.  By combining the healing and restorative powers of the Vibrance Hydrating Cleanser with the Vibrance Moisturizing Serum, women of all ages will benefit from the healing properties and rejuvenating effects. 

I hope you like my Vibrance line!

-Dr. Jessica


Dr. Jessica Ybanez Morano Dr. Jessica Ybanez Morano is a leading doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and expert in women’s reproductive health issues.

Dr. Jessica is internationally recognized and speaks regularly about gynecological single incision surgery at conferences throughout the world.

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