About My V-Line Health

A Woman’s Confidence Begins with Good Vulvar Health

My V-Line Health is helping women feel their best by providing them with the information and products they need to help them be their best each day. 

Our company is dedicated to women’s health and well-being, and has created the very best line of intimate skin care products for all the stages of a woman’s life.

V-Line was founded by a pioneering physician, Dr. Jessica Ybanez-Morano (Dr. Jessica).


We are changing outdated daily routines and the way we think about vulvar care.

Until now there were not many solutions for this type of irritation. Dry, red, itchy skin can happen to every part of the body, but the delicate vulvar skin requires a natural and unique solution. 

Did you know:

  • Irritation can result from harsh soaps, shaving or waxing, tight clothing, or even a long day in the car or at the gym.
  • Most women feel like this is just an uncomfortable part of life and they suffer in silence.

    The My V-Line Health cleansing and restorative products are the result of Dr. Jessica’s experience, expertise and labor of love.

    • The products utilize nature’s own offerings to create unparalleled products to repair, refresh and rejuvenate the delicate vulvar skin.
    • The product line is recommended by physicians and women’s health experts and is available through an easy monthly subscription or at physicians’ offices.

    Women have a proud history of caring for each other and My V-Line Health is founded on the same principles of health, well-being, and gentle care.